Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Perryville, Mo.

St. Louis, MO

While many have heard of and have visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the National Mall, many do not know that there is an exact replica of the same wall in Missouri. Welcome to Perryville! Just a little over an hour south of St. Louis in America's heartland stands this unique and wonderful memorial. In 2019, the dedication of Missouri's National Veterans Memorial was achieved, which was with the support of many officials from Washington, D.C. This 240-foot-plus black granite wall, along with several other monuments, began as one man's dream to honor his fellow comrades. With the help of other local veterans and community members, this memorial was formed and continues to grow today.

Most recently, a small group of members from American Legion Post 302 braved the cold and snowy weather to visit this serene and hallowed ground. It is a distinguished and amazing facility, constructed to honor veterans who have served this great nation of ours. Education, healing and validation of military service are all-encompassing in this place of reflection and solidarity. The 46-acre, Missouri-based themed campus continues to include more and more attractions that transcend the generations. It is a place of honor, free from distractions for all to enjoy!

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