What Old Glory Means to Me

Sebring, FL

This was written by Charlie H. Wiggins who served on the U.S.S. Wisconsin during WWII in the Pacific, spotting attacking kamikazes. Forty-eight planes shot down in a day. Charlie wrote this in 1989. He is 90

"That Grand Old Flag-waving proud, is beautiful to see,
But what a price has been paid to keep it high and free.

It is the cherished symbol of the land we all love and hold so dear,
It's the banner we all looked to when our hearts were full of fear.

It's what bound us all together in those dark days of the war,
It's what brave men fought and died for on some far and distant shore.

It's a constant reminder as it streams atop the mast,
That we must honor and protect it or our freedom will not last.

It's our Beloved America waving there for all to see,
It's the total sum of Our Great Land, that's what Old Glory means to me."

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