Post 96 hosts Flag Day disposal event

Belington, WV

By Sara Harris for The Inter-Mountain
Elkins, WV
Belington American Legion Post 96 and members of the community gathered on Tuesday, June 14, at the Belington Post Office for the annual Flag Disposal Ceremony.
Residents have been meeting for more than 10 years on Flag Day to honor the country and flag.
Not only were the attendees respectful to the flag, but the traffic on Crim Avenue slowed in respect.
"It's just an honor to be here," said Post memeber Richard Marsh. "We have very good support from the community with close to 100 flags to be disposed of."
Chaplain Mike Peschl welcomed everyone and thanked those for coming out.
"We are here to honor our country and to respect Old Glory. She should be treated with all due respect until its final use, which we will see here tonight," Peschl said. "Not only do we honor our flag, but we also honor the men and women who have served under it."
For William Evans, Staff Sft. U.S. Air Force, 1985, of Belington, it was his first time seeing the ceremony.
"I've just always wanted to see it," he said. "I'm proud of these men for keeping the tradition going."
Michael Harvey has attended every ceremony except for one.
"Belington is one of the few towns that I know of who does this." he said. "It's a wonderful ceremony to show proper respect for our American flag."
Commander Ralph Bumgardner said he does it, "because I'm an American." He served overseas and afterward was glad to be back on American soil.
"I just love my country." he said.
American Legion Post 96 memebers go throughout the county teaching flag etiquette classes. Every year, they visit Kasson and Belington Middle Schools, teaching sixth grade classes. They also are happy to address 4-H or church groups.

This article was published June 15, 2016 in The Inter-Mountain newspaper. Elkins, WV

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