The meaning of the flags of America

Elyria, OH

I hear articles for the American flags and against it. When and how should we fly the flag? Should a tattered, dirty, discolored flag never come down or should it be burned? If we burn it and don't replace it, are we being disrespectful? The controversy about the issues of the flag makes it almost seems human.
I have always felt that it was a symbol of my freedom, liberty and independence. When we said the Pledge of Allegiance in school, I felt very noble and I had a deep respect for the flag of the United States of America.
In a the small, rural school in Greene, OH, with the loyal teachers we had, it would have been unforgivable for us to make fun of anyone who believed differently than ourselves. We were allowed to show our religion with religious freedom, We also read Bible passages in the morning and had prayer before classes started.
This gave us appreciation for God, and our country instilled a sense of loyalty within us. We knew that being patriotic was expected of us.
Because we had a secure Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and every branch of the military, the safety and security of our country allowed us to worship without fear.
Different regiments have different flags and banners. While they have their own particular flags for each branch of the military, everyone knows the American flag represents the United States. There are also camp markers, guide flags, signal flags, medical flags and so many more. Flags need to be respected for what they represent. So many are the result of wars. Some actually lead us to a certain place. Others signal such things as airplanes, both at the airport and on aircraft carriers, in order to guide them to take off and land.
An example of what one state had to do to become a republic would be the case of Texas. Texas was under Spain's rule from 1518 to 1812. The flag that was flown at that time showed the two lions of Leon and the two castles of Castile on a checkerboard of two red and white pieces.
Then France came in and tried to capture this territory. This territory could have been anywhere from Texas as it is now, to Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas and Colorado. This land was questionable at that time. They flew a flag that had 22 golden fleur-de-lies on a white background even though they could not officially claim Texas as theirs, as their attempt to capture it failed miserably.

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