Legion provides new flags to complete redone classrooms

Toms River, NJ

After a widespread mold problem last summer, Lakehurst Elementary School needed new ceilings, floors, new supplies and a whole lot more! Now it's been opened, but there was still something glaringly missing.
Staff members had brought some flags from hardware stores and such, but they were small; the school just didn't have the large classroom flags it needed. Board of Education member Deborah Pease mentioned this problem to her aunt and uncle, Bob and Darlene Scheiderman, both Navy veterans and both past commanders of the local GEORGE P. VANDERVEER AMERICAN LEGION POST 129 OF TOMS RIVER, N.J. At the next meeting of the Legion this problem was presented, and promptly resolved. The Legion presented Lakehurst Elementary School with brand new classroom flags for each and every classroom, the library, and even a new exterior flag for the flagpole outdoors. The children and teachers were delighted. The kids in a young class were very excited, shouting "It's so big"! and "Oh my goodness, it touches the ceiling!". A sixth grader shouted "We get our own flag", while another said quietly "Thank you for your service".
It's more than just ceremony for this school, being this close to the base, more than 20 percent of the students the school have parents working for, and in the military, superintendent Loren Fuhring said.
"We're super appreciative of the Legion's donation, now our classrooms are truly complete".

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