Poem for Old Glory

Myrtle Beach, SC

I wrote this poem for Flag Day. I have more poems, and songs about veterans, police officers and first responders, at www.6-angels.com .


Captain William Driver
A shipmaster from Salem
First gave her the name
Which she bears today

But her formal name
Which we do have to mention
Is ‘The Stars and the Stripes’
And we stand at attention

To salute all her virtues
Her honors, her tributes
To remember her past
And signal her future

She is known ‘round the world
As a symbol of Freedom
She is known as a beacon
Of hope and of faith

But why do we respect
A modest piece of cloth
That flows in the wind
On a bright summer day

Ah, yes, now we know
The cause of our reverence
The reason we stand
In the cold and the rain

To salute our own image
The heart of our nation
The lifeblood of Freedom
The soul of our country

The men and the women
Who defended her honor
Have clung to her stars
And bled with her stripes

So we stand here today
To honor Old Glory
The names of her Defenders
Encircle her feet

- Paul Hickey
- June 14, 2019

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