Forgive us all we could not see,
The men who died for you and me.
They gave their soul for this great land,
They shed their blood in Vietnam.

You’ll never know the lives they left,
Our Country called to fight the threat.
They left their homes in this great land,
To fight for Freedom – who gave a damn.

You’ll never know the agony,
Of those great men who for me.
We made some movies to rid our shame,
But you remember whose to blame !!!

The wounds are here, as you can see,
Those men who fought for you and me.
So if you listen, and you see,
Another man who fought for me.
You let him know you give a damn, you
Love this SOLDIER, you love this MAN.

This is dedicated to my Father, and for all those men who are here today, and gone yesterday (forgotten by us)


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