Bayonet Attack

My second tour in 1969 I lead a bayonet charge up a hill.Our Captain was WIA from a booby-trap. Half of my CAP was left to provide protection for a Medivac Chopper.There were only 8 or 9 Marines in CAP 2-9-2. We had 30 popular forces (Vietnamese) troops who were with us that day.
After leaving half my CAP, 5 Marines and 15 pf troops to Medivac the Captain and the rest of us proceeded to our objective.We were to take the high ground at the end of our AO.
We had to cross about 250 yards of swollen rice paddies, two feet of water and a foot of mud. All the time we were in the open and being shot at by 40+ VC. We crossed two men at a time and we all made it across to the bottom of our objective, no one KIA and WIA.
I told them to "FIX BAYONETS" and we went up the hill. To our relief , the enemy was gone when we got to the Top. So " WE TOOK THE OBJECTIVE WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT"!
I had only 3 Marines and 15 popular forces troops to take the objective ,19 of us altogether.
They were some very brave Marines and popular forces troops. I was very proud of them that day.

Sgt. Arnie W. Sundberg
CAP Leader USMC 69-70
An Hoi ,Vietnam

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