Anna Dybing Scruggs, 1LT N-731172

Anna was born in Wild Rose, N.D., on 15 Dec 1918, the daughter of Norwegian immigrants. She graduated from Minot Nursing School in June 1942 and enlisted in the US Army on 25 July 1942. After basic training, she was assigned to the 48th Station Hospital and deployed to the South Pacific on 20 Oct 1942. She arrived in theater on 10 Nov 1942 in New Caledonia. The nurses only had their wool class A uniforms and made uniforms out of bedsheets. This is documented in "World War II Memories" by Lena R. Gelott. The nurses were reassigned to the New Hebrides, then New Zealand, and finally rejoined the 48th on Guadalcanal on May 5 1944. Anna worked a 12-hour night shift in the surgical ward 7 days a week for 2 years, 3 months and 15 days. One evening a young bomber pilot with a bad ear infection showed up for treatment. He had his B-25 shot up by AA fire over Rabaul and his left eardrum had been damaged and was infected. Dick Scruggs was a hard rock miner born and raised in Sugarloaf, Colo. The two fell in love and in the middle of WWII were married in the post chapel on Guadalcanal on Dec 13, 1944. Finally they got time off in March 1945 for 3 days to honeymoon in Auckland, New Zealand. By May, Anna was confirmed pregnant and quickly ushered out of the US Army. The baby saved her from 4 months of duty in the war zone until the war with Japan finally ended. If you haven't figured out the rest of the story, I was that baby. Richard Hayes Scruggs IIm born in Portland Oregon on 29 Dec 1945. My mother was my hero then and forevermore. 1LT Anna and LTC Dick Scruggs(RET) are buried together at Fort Logan National Cemetery, Denver. Mother was an inspiration to me my entire life. She made sure we went to church every Sunday. She helped me with biology and spelling. She was the best cook in the world. She made sure we wore clean clothes. She was a role model that everyone enjoyed. Thanks Mom, I love you very much, Rick.

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