American Legion members helping other Legion members with free layover, camping in U.S.

Louisville, KY

This is a national network of American Legion members all across the country offering a free place for other American Legion members (family) to have a safe and secure place to lay over and/or camp out during a trip, breakdown and/or other event.
The layover site can be an extra parking in the driveway and/or a place located on the property. In my case I have two parking spots in front of my house that any size RV/camper can park at. I also have a large field in back for motorcycle and tent camping. I provide free water and electric and allow stays to a week. Other member hosts may only allow overnight stays and limit who may park at their location.

How this works: the host American Legion member (host) offers a parking/camping area for other AL members travelling with RV, camper, van, motorcycle. The host may provide services such as water, electric and/or other services and help.

The member looking for a layover/camping place using the private group page on Facebook (American Legion Family Free Layover & Camping in U.S.) looks up a member that is hosting along the route and/or destination, then contacts the host and sets up the stay. It's that simple.

The host is only expected to provide a safe and secure area for the member requesting the stay. The host is also only asked to provide one night but may offer more. Any services like water, electric, dump, garbage drop, etc., is up to the host, who may request a donation.

This service is available to all ALR/AL/AL Aux/SAL members across the U.S.

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