African Americans in USCG

Shreveport, LA

See a small portion of my CG history as a Black Coast Guardsman, a First in CG history. Subject matter can be found at the bottom of the CG's Black History listing under Misc. It is also listed on the internet under "Melvin W. Williams Jr. CWO USCG (Ret)." I am a member of American Legion Post 401 in Baton Rouge, La.

"CWO Melvin W. Williams Jr., USCG (Ret.) was the first African American male to make Chief in the rating of then-Aviation Survivalman (ASM) and then from ASMC to Chief Warrant Officer (CWO2) before retiring. While serving as an ASM1, he was credited with the development of the Float Strobe Light. He was the first African American male to make parachute jumps at NAS Lakehurst while undergoing Parachute Rigger training in the CG transition of combining CG Aviation Ordnancemen with CG Aviation Parachute Rigger, performed three CPRs, rigged loaded, and dropped the ADAPT system, nighttime helo rescue of two missing divers with the aid of the Night Sun CGAS Miami. He was awarded the Sikorsky Winged "S" on February 23, 1974 for rescues flying in CG HH-52s stationed at CG Air Station Miami."

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