My love for the Navy starting at 13, now 99

Millinocket, ME

I grew up on the south shore of Long Island, N.Y., attended Mepham High School, spent my summers at Jones Beach. In 1936 I joined the Jr. Naval Reserve. In January 1941 I enlisted and was sent to Newport, R.I., boot camp for three months; I trained on the 1800 USS Constellation, slept in hammocks, climbed the rigging to set and foil the sails.
Transferred to battleship Wyoming, minesweeper Raven, NAS Norfolk VA., Squadron of F4F Wildcat fighters, aircraft carriers, Ranger, Charger, Suwannee, Chenango, Petrof Bay, Casablanca, Tulagi, aircraft engine repair ship Chloris, Squadron VPB-101, hurricane hunter, then VX-4 for the Cold War.
My father was in WWI, my sister was a WAC air controller at Chanute airfield, Ill. My son was on a Navy submarine for six years.
I have many stories, short and long.

I. Robert Miller, known as Bob Miller
Millinocket, Maine
I will be 100 this year, if I make it to December.

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