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Santa Monica, CA

"The Flag" is two short films joined together by the same themes of respect for the flag.
The first film is a short narrative film based on a true experience. When a Vietnam veteran witnesses a university protest and his flag, the American flag, about to be burned, he takes the only action he knows.
The second film is an educational/doc. film. It covers the meaning of the 13 folds of the American flag, and has celebrities and military veterans share what the flag means to them.
"The Flag" was accepted into this year's GI Film Festival in Washington and will screen Saturday, May 23, at 12:30 p.m. at the Angelika Theater in Fairfax, Va.

GI Film Festival

"The Flag" trailer

"The Flag" crowdfunding campaign

The Story:
The short film "The Flag" is especially relevant today as we hear story after story of attempts to ban the American flag on campuses and HOAs trying to have veterans remove the flag from in front of their homes. "The Flag" is a story of a veteran who stands up for the flag.
The Team:
Dave Alspach-Writer/Executive Producer/Actor
Vietnam veteran Dave Alspach wrote "The Flag" based on a true experience he had encountering some college students about to burn the American flag at a protest. It is very timely given the ongoing stories about attempts to remove the American flag from college campuses. Dave also stars in the fictionalized short film.
George Ohan-Producer, Army veteran, American Legion member, member of Red White & Blue
John Duffy-Director. Son of Legion member in Hollywood, active in veteran support activities in Hollywood.
Amber Chaib-Co-Producer-Military veteran.
Mark August-Co-Producer-Navy reservist, cinematographer
The film was made possible by the support of the Los Angeles Film School and its military veterans program. Many of the crew were military veterans.

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