USS Illinois SN 786

Bloomington, IL

On Oct. 10, 2015, there was a launch and christening ceremony for the USS Illinois Virginia-class nuclear submarine in Groton, Conn. Illinois (SN 786) will provide the submarine force with the capabilities required to dominate the open ocean and the littorals. In addition to anti-submarine, anti-surface ship and counter-mine welfare, Illinois will support surveillance, special operations and covert strike missions.
There are 12 other Virginia-class submarines in operation as of now.
This boat cost $2.7 billion; it carries a crew of 132 crew and officers.
Displacement: 7,835 Tons, Length: 377 Feet, Beam 34 feet
Payload: 40 weapons, special operations forces, unmanned undersea vehicles
Weapons Launch: Four 21-inch torpedo tubes, Two Virginia payload tubes
Weapons: Tomahawk land-attack missiles; Mark 48 advanced capability torpedoes
Now it is on its shakedown trials before it is put into active duty.
By nearly doubling the payload space available from 1,200 cubic feet with the 12 vertical launch tubes to 2,300 cubic feet, the VPTs will allow Virginia-class ships to deploy with a wider variety of payloads.
The list of dignitaries at the christening ceremony were:
First Lady Michelle Obama
The Hon. Ray Mabus – Secretary of the Navy Christening
Admiral James Caldwell Jr. – Naval Nuclear Propulsion
The Hon. Bruce Rauner – Illinois Governor
Sometime this coming July 2016, Illinois (USS786) will be commissioned into our fleet.
The Department of Illinois American Legion is very proud and honored to have this new nuclear submarine named after our state.

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