How I became an honorary member of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

St. Petersburg, FL

While I served in Korea, I had the opportunity to befriend the Scots serving as the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders. During one of their Sunday visits to me while I was in the 21st Regiment Headquarters Company, 24th Division, the hour ran late and they told me that if they didn't return to their company by 10 p.m., they would each lose a stripe.
Since our friendship had been cemented over a period of time that included plenty of antics and lunacy to counteract the angst of war - despite our serving after the truce - I felt obligated to help my friends get back to their company on time.
I was a driver for the regimental executive officer, so I had access to the motor pool - except I was to get permission before taking a vehicle. On that particular Sunday, I skipped that detail and took a jeep. I managed to get the Scots back with 5 minutes to spare but compromised myself in the process. Upon my return to my company, I was stopped by the MPs. I had no trip ticket. I was reported, court-martialed and fined.
The Scots felt bad about what had happened to me and awarded me the honor of being one of them. They gave me one of their uniforms, including a tunic.
This is one of many stories I can share about the Scots, including the theft of a monkey, the blowing up of a mountainside sign and the helping of my company commander to replace missing items that had to be either replaced or paid for.

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