Texas post recognizes two young men with certificates

Royse City, TX

The American Legion offers a certificate program to honor young men and women who join the military right after high school. The certificate is called THE MILITARY COMMITMENT CERTIFICATE OF COMMENDATION. The Legion understands that these young men and women have a choice. They could choose to go to college or a trade school or
go straight into the workforce, but instead they made the choice to serve our country.
Only 1 percent of the population ever serves in the military, so I think it is fitting that we honor this 1 percent with a certificate.
Recently the post was reached out to by a Marine recruiter with two students from Caddo Mills who were graduating high school and joining the Corps.
Post Commander Jason Castleberry attended the graduation ceremony and afterwards presented the certificate to William Butler and Bryton Eidson. These two young men are about to embark on an incredible journey, and they will grow so much. I truly wish them the best of luck and look forward to our post sending them care packages.

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