Post 39 celebrates new post home

Middleton, ID

Middleton Post 39 held a dedication and open house March 16 at their home on Main Street in Middleton. The American Legion is celebrating their 100th anniversary, and Post 39 is celebrating its 10th anniversary. First Vice Commander Richard Joswick was Master of Ceremony, Josh Pratt played "To the Colors" and Taps while the Post 39 Honor Guard fired a three-volley salute as the flag and building were dedicated. Middleton Mayor Darren Taylor and Star Mayor Chad Bell each had some words for the assembly.
As part of the dedication, “It is our hope that this edifice may be used ever in the service of our disabled comrades; of the widowed and orphaned; and to the benefit of our community, state and nation” was part of Richard’s comments.
Mayor Taylor spoke about the beginning of the Revolutionary War and likened Legion members to patriots fighting then. Mayor Bell was appreciative of the post providing memorial services at Star Cemetery and leading their parades.
Following the service, attendees were invited inside to tour the building and partake of snacks that the Auxiliary provided.
Adjutant Bruce Irving noted, “We want this to be a place where veterans and their families can relax. We have access to the internet, TV, table, games, reading material and beverages. Veterans are welcome to spend time with these as well as conversation. We generally have the building open from 10:00AM till 2:00PM on weekdays, but can usually arrange to be here at other times.”

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