"Veterans N Transition" - a TV show worth watching

Vienna, VA

Have you seen the half-hour PBS affiliate TV show “Veterans N Transition” (VNT)? If not, you really are missing out on an exceptional experience that directly supports the veteran community. This show is not your typical “Here’s what I did in the military” show. Each segment briefly covers a veteran’s military career, and then takes a thorough look at how they transitioned out of uniform and are currently contributing to their community. Interviewers explore which company they are working for and what are they doing, what passion drove them to start, or work for, a nonprofit, or even what drove them to run for public office.
From those who served a single enlistment to those who made the military a full career, VNT highlights how veterans continue to lead by example. The show airs on PBS affiliate WHUT-TV, which serves over 4 million viewers in Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia and West Virginia. To reach a larger audience, each show is also uploaded to YouTube, so is permanently available for the world to experience how veterans are contributing to their communities.
Here are just a few of the many shows that touched my heart and raised my understanding of how veterans continue to serve their communities after serving in uniform:
- Several wonderful stories including veterans at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) supporting the U.S. Science and Technology Festival, and an emotional interview with the founder of Mighty Oaks Foundation on his PTSD from his service as a Marine, and his faith-based Veteran Service Organization that teaches combat veterans struggling with PTSD how to get beyond combat trauma and live their lives in the manner God intended.
- Gen. (ret.) Larry Spencer, president of the Air Force Association, discusses his journey from growing up in D.C. to a four-star general now leading a 95,000-member veteran organization.
- Five unique vignettes on Army veterans, from the founder of ARM Foundation, which finds mentors to assist individuals with their educational goals, to a comedian connected with the Armed Services Arts Partnership, a member of an international company, and a U.S. Congressman.
VNT show times are listed on the WHUT-TV schedule, and if you would like to watch previous shows they are on YouTube. To help you stay in touch with this great veteran-focused show, just subscribe to it on YouTube!

Thank you.

Chris Hauth
American Legion Post 180
Vienna, Va.

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