Iwo Jima flag raising statue.

Plainfield, IL


Iwo Jima, volcanic rock.
American might you did mock.
The path to Japan you did block.
Marines broke your strong lock.

To your shores of dark black sand
came marines to approach and land.
Should be easy, 'twas well planned,
turned out to be one battle grand.

Your beaches now are bright red,
stained by marines, blood of their dead.
Officers gone, by sergeants led,
uncommon valor of them can be said.

Up Surabachi the marines did not lag,
facing death their courage not sag.
Up to the crest of this rocky crag,
they fought to the summit to plant our proud flag

Of defenders there were twenty thousand and more,
in caves and tunnels a fortress they bore.
On this isle was wasted Japan's elite corps.
Of those who survived just one in a score.
On this isle where fey men die,
where death came to make men lie,
with this high price our liberty buy,
in all the Pacific the count was just tri.

Joe Kmiec

After 3 ½ years of war the Marines lost over 14,000 men in battle.
Then on Iwo Jima alone they lost over 6,800 men in six weeks of battle.

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