Anderson Island Post 265 (Department of Washington) leads the way

Anderson Island, WA

We are on an island of approximately 1,300 residents, located in Puget Sound and accessible via a 20-minute ferry ride. Post 265 has taken the lead in coordinating a preparation and response program for our community. There are several organizations and many residents wanting to help, and we have provided a central information and coordinating site to maximize the combined efforts of everyone wanting to help and for those in need of assistance. Following is a message from our commander, Jim Cook, to our Post 265 membership.

Dear Legion Family,
In an effort to be prepared for this pandemic we have formed an ad hoc team, Anderson Island Corona Virus Preparedness Team, that met Saturday. This team is a collaboration of all the organizations on the Island to address short-term needs and plan for near-term issues. We have posted a special tab on our website addressing current information, from coping with self-isolating to service support issues. We are still looking for volunteers for prescription refill pickups and other support functions. In collaboration with the Anderson Island Association we have printed a SOUNDER April special edition that is available at the General Store and Community Club for those who don't already subscribe. Furthermore, the Anderson Island Assistant app will have information and links to help keep people informed.
Please check in on your neighbors and let us know if you have any special needs. Also, please be aware that if you have emergency medical issues to dial 911.
Thank you all for your continued service and support. We will keep you up to date as the situation changes.
Best Regards,
Jim Cook

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