KABC/Channel 7 coverage of Post 291 takeout food service

Newport Beach , CA

When the COVID-19 hit and closed everything down, it became evident we had to rethink the new reality or close. Commander Jon Reynolds, Dennis Fitzpatrick and Ulises Dominguez started a drive-thru, utilizing our kitchen and restaurant to serve the community and veterans of Orange County, Calif. As Reynolds stated, "We're learning a lot of new things, because we've never done this before." This forward thinking allowed the post to retain our staff and allowed us to feed the community at large. The drive-thru is open from noon to 6, 7 days a week. Orders are taken in the car and delivered to the car; by all reports the food is very good and reasonable.

On May 8, KABC Channel 7 news did a feature on the drive-thru and Newport Harbor Post 291, outlining our commitment to serve veterans and the community. That segment can be found at https://abc7.com/community-events/covid-19-crisis-shifts-vet-kitchen-int....

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