William Reynolds performs the first-officer role during the Veterans Day service at American Legion Prairie DuPont Post 485.


American Legion Post 485 Veterans Day service

Dupo, IL

American Legion Prairie DuPont Post 485, Dupo, Ill., and Veterans of Foreign Wars Chief Pontiac Post 1699, Cahokia, Ill., conducted a joint Veterans Day service at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11. It was held at Post 485, 200 S. 5th St.

On Veterans Day we commemorate the service of all veterans who served in the United States of America’s military. Men and women set aside their civilian pursuits to aid their nation’s cause, defending the freedom of our citizens and preserving our precious American heritage.

We believe our strength on the field of battle, and the supply lines which sustained our might, lay in the justice of our cause against the forces of evil. We believe that our determination made us better warriors because we fought with our hearts and minds as well as our bodies.

We recognize that service to our country and her cause does not end with the termination of military duty. We continue noble endeavors with a feeling of profound gratitude to God and to those who gave their lives as payment of this cause.

Out of blood and sweat we learned purpose, sacrifice, tolerance, bravery and discipline. These are solid foundation stones upon which a great nation is built. In our continuing quest for an honorable world peace we must cultivate these virtues.

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