Providing Christmas meals to veterans and the community

Selmer, TN

American Legion Post 162 of Selmer, Tenn., and Sons of The American Legion Squadron 162, along with the assistance of Adamsville, Tenn., Post 97 on Dec. 19 helped prepare meals to local homebound veterans and the community with the local food pantry of Laura and Cliff Logan. Several of the post Legionnaires delivered to homes 155 meals. There was a total of 2,200 meals prepared and picked up. A total of 3,300 lbs. of food and 400 toys were handed out by Santa (Post 97 Commander Bob Mays). This included 3D wooden puzzles, remote-control cars and coloring books.
Despite the early rain, many volunteers along with the wives of the SAL helped prepare meals alongside the county mayor, Larry Smith.

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