South Carolina sanctions Lady Fastpitch Softball

Spartanburg, SC

South Carolina held its inaugural Lady's Fastpitch Softball league this year as a pilot program of the Department of South Carolina, and because of its resounding success, the Department Executive Board on Sunday, Oct. 31 approved that the Lady Fastpitch Softball League be sanctioned as a program of the department. By doing so, the program will be part of the Children & Youth program, which is part of our Americanism pillar, and the league can now use the name American Legion.
South Carolina was second to North Carolina in starting a Lady Fastpitch Softball league and is now one of five states that have sanctioned this league. Once 15 states have sanctioned it we can write an amendment to have this program sanctioned as a national program, just like Baseball, and under the Americanism pillar..
Bob Scherer, chairman of the league, stated that "we had 10 teams for our first year and we had 163 young ladies playing along with 37 coaches and assistant coaches (male and female), with an attendance of 4,264 for the year and at its state championship game at Lander University, Greenwood, we had an attendance of 500. Due to the success of this program three young ladies got scholarships to Lander University."
Why not start a league in your state?

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