Proud of Mom

Ogden, NY

I'm the very proud daughter of a World War II WAAC whose name was Helen ... Cpl. Helen Schu Russellm to be exact. Mom signed up for the Army because there were no boys in her famil - only 5 girls. She felt it her duty to serve her country in a time of need. She was a clerk in the Army, and proudly served in England and after the war Germany. Many years later, when she could join, she became a proud American Legion member at the former Sweetland Post in Rochester, N.Y. Later, when she moved to Florida, she transferred to the Post Home in Madeira Beach, Fla. Mom was a great influence on my husband (Marines) and son (Navy) to join The American Legion. I am also a proud member of the American Legion Auxiliary. We are very glad and happily serve The American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary.

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