Experience the Sights and Sounds of Freedom at the Grissom Air Museum, located at the Grissom Aeroplex near Peru, Indiana

Peru, IN

Come Visit the Grissom Air Museum!
Whether you’re one who has never been there or
One who says “Been there! Done that!” several times before,
Your visit to the family friendly Grissom Air Museum is definitely an
Indiana “bucket list” destination for 2024.
Military aviation history is what is in store,
especially for those who want to learn more…
about the USA historical era commonly called… “The Cold War.”

You are invited to come and see…
Displays of significance regarding Grissom AFB military aviation history.
Preserving the stories of Bunker Hill/Grissom ARB veterans is our mission.
Expanding the education reach of our museum is part of our GAM vision.
One four letter word we will shy away from is… “FREE”
But… there is some very good news, especially for Veterans like you and me…
The Hangar Gift Shop is well stocked with military caps, patches and tees;
And all veterans are eligible for a special discounted GAM price of admission.

So… come and “Experience the sights and sounds of freedom!”
And when you come, invite your family and friends.
We’re confident most new visitors will want to visit again.
Why? Because the Grissom Air Museum is indeed... ”Plane Fun!”

Note: The museum is scheduled to open by Thursday, March 21, 2024 (Thursday-Sunday) until Memorial Day.
Then open 7 days per week, through Labor Day. Hours of operation are from 10:00AM- 4:00PM

From: Frank Faulkner, Col. USAF, (Retired)
Serving as a Grissom Air Museum Docent & Grounds Maintenance Volunteer

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