Champagne toast and cupcakes made in the shape of the U.S. flag at Royal Caribbean's "Salute to Veterans" on the ship "Anthem of the Seas" during Caribbean Cruise on February 15, 2024.


Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Honors Veterans


While on a recent cruise on Royal Caribbean's "Anthem of the Seas" that sailed from Bayonne, New Jersey to several destinations in Florida and the Caribbean from February 9-17, 2024, I was pleasantly surprised at a ceremony they conducted in their ship's Royal Promenade honoring all veterans that were on the cruise. In cruising every year or so with various cruise lines I had never seen this done before and was very impressed by what they did.

They not only recognized servicemembers by their respective branch they served in, but also recognized any active-duty servicemembers, those "Missing in Action" (POW/MIA's), and a Gold Star Family present. They asked the veterans to all come forward and stand on a spiral staircase. About 600 people (cruisers) attended the ceremony and thanked the vets for their service. The "Star Spangled Banner" was sung, and taps was played for those who lost their lives in service to our country. Close to 30 veterans were at the ceremony.

A champagne toast was given, and red, white and blue cupcakes were available for everyone to enjoy. I had the pleasure to meet several Legionnaires from Delaware and New York. It was a great opportunity to talk and discuss with my fellow veterans about membership in The American Legion and all the great things we do in the Legion. I'm hoping our organization gains some new members.

Hats off to Royal Caribbean for conducting this ceremony and remembering our veterans!

Vets on spiral staircase in Royal Caribbean's "Anthem of the Seas" Royal Prominade during a ceremony honoring them for their service.

Royal Caribbean "Anthem of the Seas" Cruise Director Katie Knowles served as Master of Ceremonies at a ceremony honoring all veterans on the cruise (2/9/24-2/17/24) aboard the "Anthem of the Seas."

New Jersey Legionnaire (Past NEC) Chuck Robbins from Post 351, Seaside Heights, and Ted Carman from Post 28 in Millsboro, Delaware, share a photo while at the Veterans Appreciation Ceremony held on February 15, 2024 on board Royal Caribbean's "Anthem of the Seas."
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