Ghost of Samarra

Thank you for the opportunity to present Ghosts of Samarra: U.S. Army Strykers at War in Iraq, published in 2023 by Heselholt Group, LLC, paperback ISBN: 979-8376275177, eBook ASIN: B0BTXLGC3L. This book was 20 years in the making, and only by chance released on the 20th anniversary of the Second Gulf War. It serves as a powerful platform highlighting several oral histories from soldiers of the 5-20th Infantry Battalion during their 2003-2004 tour in Iraq.

There’s a simple outline to orient the reader to the region and the unit before eight veterans tell their stories, and subsequently the story of the Army’s initial Stryker Brigade in combat. The book debuted #1 New Releases for Iraq War Histories and initially climbed to #8 Best Sellers for Iraq War Histories on Amazon.

Dr. Tobias Vogt von Heselholt
CEO, Heselholt Group, LLC

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