Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

After reading an article about a Chinese farmer and His wife, both in their 70s, being thankful for a Bible and a home to live in, I started reflecting on how Thankful I actually had become myself. He made about $10 a month and tithed his income. They lived in a modest hut and carried an attitude of contentment and gratitude.

I started thinking about our plight of trying to thank the Lord for our blessings by picking out several blessings but felt that I came up short of being truly thankful after reading about this farmer's life.

In America, the greatest country in the world, we have so many blessings and privileges that it becomes difficult to remember them all and especially realize that most of the world can only dream of the items we take for granted.

Items like liberty to travel, liberty to read and write, liberty to obtain an education, and most importantly, the liberty to change your human circumstances instead of being a slave to the government or power over you.

Freedom, Gratitude, Humility, and Contentment. The basic fundamentals of success that we take for granted. Instead, we waste our precious God given rights to argue and fight about everything that doesn't go our way. We complain about traffic, rude people in line, sporting events where our team is not treated fairly. All the while, the majority of the world starves, fights, and lives in terror.

For a long time, America was the only true beacon of light, for the underprivileged and deprived people of the world. We have seen governments and dictators gain strength in terror and ruthless inhumane acts. We watch in horror as evil grows and seems unabated, and yet, all the while, we pursue the make-believe lies of wealth and prosperity by telling ourselves as soon as we become rich we will help the
less fortunate.

True Thanksgiving and Gratitude start now. It does not start next week or through some government program but in the heart of the individual that is willing to share what he has and began where he is right now.

True Thanksgiving starts with a grateful heart of not only seeing evil but helping your neighbor when the occasion arises. True Thanksgiving starts with the United States giving and helping first instead of apologizing and trying to pay for wrongs.

True Thanksgiving starts with a nation that is willing to return to Patriotism, Leadership, Citizenship, and a desire to bring other nations up to our standards instead of tearing it down and trying to become a Third World country.

Our nation does not become great by becoming poor and desolate. Our nation becomes great by returning to Godly principles and our Foundational Truths brought about by our constitution and laws.

Our nation becomes great again, by showing gratitude, humility, leadership, and the giving of Thanks.

Make 2014, the year, you truly start giving Thanks to God.

Terry Warner

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