NAPALM'S EMBRACE is a work of fiction based on fact. Lt. Jack Brady, the Civil Affairs officer tries to fulfill his billet but his efforts are thwarted by the military bureaucracy and the intensifying war.

His attractive interpreter, Tran Thi Sam gives Brady a deep insight into Vietnamese history and culture. Lt. Mike Donnelly, the Operations officer, just in from the field, is a direct counter to Brady's growing empathy for the South Vietnamese people. Brady's efforts prove futile, no less tragic than the infantry fought war. The interwoven destinies of Jack Brady, Tran Thi Sam, and Mike Donnelly reveal all the fault lines and fractures of the American-led war.

This novel has been a long time in the making, no less than 29 years. I wrote it back in 1985 and presented it to Doubleday Publishing. They rejected it: unknown author, crowded market. Since then I have rewritten it three times and have submitted it to numerous agents but still no takers.

Finally, in the digital age, I self published the novel. It is an ebook available on ibooks (Apple) Kindle (Amazon), and Barnes and Noble Nook. It received a positive review by Vietnam Veterans of America. I am hopeful that members of The American Legion will give it a read. It's a different take on the war, and adds to our literature. It shines a light into a side of the war that has not been done before.

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