Bill's Book

The book is not about me but we. It's about family, friends and associates I consider important during an 85 year span starting in 1930, a few events follow: fathers death from rabbit disease, mother's love of humor, no high school sweetheart, jobs, University of Louisville and football, John Unitas, Warren Oates escapades, Nancy, Wedding Bells, Federal Auditor's attributes/responsibilities, Stateside assignments, Germany and Libya, Family evacuation during 1967 six day war, booted out of Air Force March 1970, hired by Hq. USDA April 1970, Food Stamp audit mother's march against USDA, National Finance Center New Orleans, La, 1973-1976, and Kentucky 1976-1985.

As I procrastinated for years on this work, folks asked, "Why don't you finish it?" I always replied if I finish it I'll probably die. Exactly one month after I typed Finished on the epilogue my Nancy passed and awaits me up there in that better place.

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