Gratitude is Fleeting

Land of the free, because of the brave
Is a headline we must always save
Have you noticed as a vet
There are fewer and fewer vets you’ve met

Us vets are noisy at meet and greet
We remember this and that and Joe’s stinky feet
And we remember places with garbage pits
Where music played the latest hits

Spending time with all the grime
Just being there to stop the slime
When the world’s enema is plugged right there
So you suck it up and drink a beer

Bureaucrats and politicals decide the game
Now you and I know who’s to blame
Those people haven’t done their time
Their spendin’ someone else’s dime

They’ve never had a night in fear
Or got bad news and shed a tear
Or had a friend they can’t replace
Or say “I didn’t go” to a veteran’s face

As they cook the books to get a raise
Then sit back smugly getting praise
They’d better not cut the veteran’s due
You’ll feel the fear when it’s done to you

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