EXCITEMENT! Shot At And Missed

I have recently published my new book, EXCITEMENT! Shot At And Missed (Tate Publishing), remembrances of my brother, Sgt. Ken Lonn, Mortars / Rockets Section Chief, F-2-5, 1st Marine Division. The book takes the reader on an exciting journey from hometown USA, through boot camp and a year in combat in Korea. The book recalls the good times and the not so good times, the laughs and the misery, the struggles and the accomplishments, of those Marines ... from a combat veteran's first person view of the realities of war. Hill 812 is a central theme of the fighting. The book is dedicated to the men of F-2-5, as well as all those who served in that brutal war! My mission is to make people aware that the Korean War should never again be dubbed 'the forgotten war'. Marine casualties numbered: 4,262 killed; 26,038 wounded. Total U.S casualties numbered over 109,000! That's not a police action! That is WAR! Never forget!

My mission is to help people understand that the Korean War cannot be termed the "forgotten war". The men who were there sure don't appreciate that term!

Here's a portion of a recent review of the book by R. Alan Lewis, President, Ground Zero Books, Ltd., P.O. Box 8369, Silver Spring, MD 20907-8369.

(Review of 'Excitement: *Shot at and Missed', by Bob Lonn)
"Rarely, if ever, has the experience of a Marine (or other foot soldiers for that matter) during the Korean War been recollected and presented with such clarity, authenticity, humility, and at times humor.
*This narrative provides the perspective of Fox Company of the 5th Marines (F-2-5) of the 1st Marine Division during the 1951 and 1952 period of the Korean War. Cpl. Ken Lonn was a Mortar/Rockets Section Chief.
*The author effectively portrays the thought processes and experience of the young Marine rather than remembrances clouded, shifted, and filtered by decades of post-combat experiences."

Here's one reader's review:

"I just finished reading the book "SHOT AT AND MISSED" by Bob Lonn. What a wonderful tribute to all military veterans. It brought back many of my old memories of my time in the service. It is a very well done book.
God Bless You."

Alfred W Sommerfeld USAF (ret)
Billings, MT

I wrote this book to honor my hero, Ken Lonn! But his story is more than just his memories of his time in the Marines. It is also the story of others who have served, regardless of era. My hope is that Ken's story will inspire people everywhere to remember those who have and do serve in our military! Never forget! Always honor!

Semper Fi!
Bob Lonn
USMCR, 1963-69

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