This true story is being covered by a local Washington D.C. newspaper reporter. 65 year old US Army Vietnam Veteran Stephen Campos is interviewed prior to the reunion with his two Vietnam combat buddies. The three haven’t seen each other since 1968: It is 1958, Stephen shares his experiences in his youth as a ten year old playing army with his cousin’s in a magical forest behind his grandfather’s house. The group is led by Ronnie age 15, the oldest who leads the group through the “jungle”, they call it.

A few years later Stephen experiences the true reality of death when his grandfather suddenly dies. Stephen is absorbed in shock by the thought of death during the Catholic Mass. As the funeral ends Stephen pauses and looks back at the black casket and closes his eyes.

When Stephen opens his eyes he is standing side by side next to his combat platoon in Vietnam. It is 1968. Everyone is in formation. In front of them are two rifles turned upside down with a pare of empty combat boots.

Flash back to the event; Stephen and his platoon engage in a horrific “fire-fight” tragedy two weeks into their tour of duty. They will find out moments later it is not the enemy, but against his own company.

The whole company is in shock about what has transpired including Campos who thinks they have killed everyone. A few minutes later they find they have killed two men and the company commander’s legs riddled with bullets.

The Brigade Headquarters has been notified and order the company to stand-down and wait while Alpha Company will provide them aid.

All the men are ordered to lay down their weapons. Several hours go by and all the men are left to their own accord and thoughts.

Filled with grief, shock and panic, in the early morning hours, a shaken Campos will find his two closest combat buddies (a common day Three Musketeers). They will make a vow to “ die for each other” and then reunite after the war. But, a month later Campos is separated from his combat buddies when the Brigade moves him to another combat unit. Campos will fight the next remaining nine months without them. He won’t know if they made it out alive.

After his tour of duty, Campos returns home and experiences the rejection with his closest friends and nation. Trying to forget about his service and his duty, he internalizes his anger and gets involved with a group of hippies whose only goal in life is to smoke pot, drink alcohol and party.

Campos now sets out on a fourteen year course of self-destruction, alcoholism and drug abuse.

At the lowest point of his life and on the brink of suicide, Campos hits rock bottom. He experiences a divine encounter that will set him on a path of healing that culminates years later with a reunion with his lost war buddies.

Forty years later, the three will reunite for the first time to honor their covenant and fulfill their vow at the Vietnam War Memorial. They will tell their story of honor on the battlefield and dishonor for serving their country.

STONE PONY expresses the eternal truth and power of the brotherhood of war, God's love and forgiveness. This is a story that people need to hear and has a powerful direct hit upon the human heart.

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