Dear Mary

Dear Mary

Dear Mary, I miss you so.
But you know I had to go,
Or else our country would never be free,
From the rule of British Tyranny.
Love Joe, Boston 1773

Dear Mary, this war is like no other,
Sometimes it’s fighting brother against brother.
The bloodshed and agony I deplore
Let’s pray for peace forever more.
Love Joe, Atlanta 1864.

Dear Mary, our lives changed today
Our freedom can’t be taken away.
So I must fight to right this wrong
And keep our Nation proud and strong.
Love Joe, Pearl Harbor 1941

Dear Mary, this is hard to say
I got hit, but I will be Ok.
But I will never forget that awful date
When many of my Brothers met their fate.
Love Joe, Da Nang 1968.

Dear Joe, I miss you too,
And I am so proud of all you do.
I only wish all wars would end
And give the world some time to mend.
Love Mary, Hometown 2010.

Dear Mary and Joe, I’m sorry to say
The world today is in an awful way.
We’re fighting a war like we have never seen
Of terrorist forces, so vicious and mean
Pray for us all, America 2016.

love m

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