Viet Nam era veteran writes historical novel--TO END ALL War

Nicholas Lambros has written a novel that brings three siblings, two brothers and their younger sister, into The Great War of 1914-1918. The eldest becomes a pilot and joins the Lafayette Escadrille. His younger brother becomes a doctor, joins the Navy, and is assigned to an aid station. Their sister, who is fluent in French, gets a job with the State Department and is sent to France ostensibly to translate documents at the American Embassy in Paris. She is told she may choose to become a counterspy. She accepts the dangerous assignment. Follow their trails in TO END ALL WAR, a novel that stays true to history.

An estimated 50 million people died as a direct result of the war, the first modern war, and a war that set the stage for the rest of the twentieth century. After Germany signed the punitive Treaty of Versailles, the Second World War became inevitable when it aided in the rise of a dictator who ignored the treaty once he became dictator, Adolf Hitler. Today, The Great War still impacts many events around the world.

Learn more about the novel and the author at TO END ALL WAR is availabled on line at, as an Ebook from, or when ordered through Barnes and Noble.

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