Veterans' Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Veterans’ Law enforcement Appreciation Day

I organized a veterans’ Appreciation Day for local Law enforcement agencies to show veteran support and to recognize them for their service to the community. Law enforcement is our first responder to emergencies. They serve to protect our country just as veterans have served in the military. They continually go through training to stay abreast of new developments in procedures and technology.

Law enforcement needs to be shown appreciation and recognition just as those that served in the military.

I got the all the veterans organizations in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana to participate. The program was set up at the local Chennault Aviation and Military museum. All the law enforcement agencies in the Parish were recognized including the Sheriff, Monroe, West Monroe and Sterlington Police Chiefs as well at the local Louisiana State Police commander.

Each agency was presented an engraved appreciation plaque from the veterans of Ouachita Parish thanking them for their service.

The event was covered by the local media; TV and print.

The program included a talk on law enforcement by a local Judge, recognition of each agency head and presentation of a plaque.

We pledged our support to the law enforcement agencies in protecting our country and upholding our Constitution.

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