I've Narrated: "New Georgia: the Second Battle for the Solomons"

I've just narrated the new audio book version, of the 2016 physical book by Ronnie Day: "New Georgia: the Second Battle for the Solomons."

This is an outstanding book, including groundbreaking research, on the South Pacific World War II campaign, starting just after the Battle of Guadalcanal, 1942, and ending around November 1943.

Both the American and Japanese perspectives are thoroughly covered. (I know an expert on the Japanese language and I had her pronounce for me the nearly 300 Japanese names and terms, so you're getting my correct pronunciations of everything Japanese that's in the book.)

And, of course, the American perspective is equally important to the book and even-better documented.

Find out great information on fascinating topics like: the assassination mission against Admiral Yamamoto, the John F. Kennedy PT-109 incident, Pappy Boyington's Black Sheep Squadron, the fascinating role of the top secret at the time network of "coast watchers," and just, in general, great accounts of the naval, air, and land battles of the Solomon Islands campaign.

To buy the print book, go to amazon.com. To buy my audio book version, go to audible.com and type in "New Georgia". The list price for mp3 downloads (the only way to get it) is $19.95, the book is over 8 hours long.

Soon the book will be for sale on iTunes.com, as well, along with there being a link to the audible site, I believe, on amazon.

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