"Doc" The Adventures of a Navy Hospital Corpsman

As an enlisted member I served as a Corpsman with the Marines. Served with the Amphibious Forces. Served with the Naval Air Forces, and with the Submarine Forces. As an Officer, I served in one medical clinic (Hawaii), one Hospital (Naples, Italy) Two tours at Bupers (the Navy's Military Personnel Command in Arlington, Va. One tour with the Enlisted Personnel Management Center in New Orleans, One tour as the Officer in Charge of the Navy's Transit Management Unit, in New Orleans. Officer in Charge of the Personnel Service Detachment at Corry Station, Pensacola, Fl. Served as the Administrative Officer of the Navy Medical Aeromedical Research Laboratory in Pensacola, Florida.

I went to the Armed Forces Staff College which prepared me to write Deliberate and Contingence War Plans and to work on Joint and Combined Staffs. I served as a Naval War Planner at the Naval Central Command, Hawaii, a tour with NATO in Naples, Italy, a tour with U.S. Central Command in Tampa, FL.

The Navy provided me educational opportunities with numerous Military Schools, an Associates Degree from Pensacola Junior College, a Bachelors Degree from George Washington University and a Masters Degree from Pepperdine University.

Over my career I have served in or visited 85 countries.

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