The Warrior's Shield

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The Warrior’s Shield
By Alan D. Preisser, Major USAF (ret.)

The warrior’s shield is molded rust
No longer beats the drum
On Flanders Field where poppies grow
There once the blood did run

In silent tribute row by row
The names of heroes stand
Diminished not by sands of time
The honor they command

On marble tablets and silent walls
In hallowed halls of pride
The nation calls to those who gave
To long with us abide.

The eternal sentry upon the wall
His watch forever stands
His cry to those who follow on
“Take care and watch my friend”

On distant shores and battlements
The soldiers bravely fell
In dogged combat in the air
And fire pits of Hell

In mighty ships and under seas
The sailor ventured forth
To battle bravely and defend our shores
From Satan’s evil force

The mighty cry of brave young men
Defending those who can’t
Wherever freedoms’ bell may toll
And drums of thunder rant

So remember those who gave their all
And those who gave just some
Give thanks to all who came and served
Now rest--your watch is done

© 2009 Alan D. Preisser

Submitted by:
Alan Preisser

About the author:
I am a retired US Air Force command pilot with over 20 years service. During my tenure in the Air Force, I had the pleasure to fly numerous fighter aircraft, including the F4 Phanton D/E, F15 Eagle A/B/C/D, and the OV10 Bronco A. After retirement I worked for 13 years at the Joint Forces Command, Joint Warfighting Center as a military analyst, and Editor of the Joint Center for Operational Analysis Journal. My wife, Beverly, and I will celebrate our 46th anniversary on May 29th.

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