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Below in the website section, I also pasted a hot link to a Mankato Free Press piece. Among other things, it recognizes the anniversary of the death of Mankatoan Leo Lorentz, who was killed in action in France, October 3, 1918.


From this link, you will find a description of the artist who created the artwork from which the image was captured.

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Gary Pettis

About the author:
Gary Pettis is a writer, designer and creative marketer from Mankato, Minnesota. His father, Elmo Pettis, served in WWII, in the Army Air Force and served in China-Burma-India. Elmo Pettis later became of a Post Commander of Lorentz Post 11 of the American Legion, and earned selection as a Sargent-of-Arms on the Post, State and National levels.

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