Man's Best Friends

"Man's Best Friends" is a heartwarming, uplifting book from Overamstel Publishers about the dogs who go above and beyond for the people they love, particularly military and service animals. These are inspiring and captivating stories of canine bravery, heroism and loyalty from around the world: from a military dog that discovered a German spy in World War I, to an Australian cattle dog that rescued an 85-year-old Floridian woman from an alligator attack.
Some of the most inspiring stories are of the dogs who supported our troops - like "Dog of the Millennium" Endal. This yellow Lab helped his owner, badly injured in a road accident while serving in the Gulf War, find his reason to live, reunite with his family and regain his independence. I found it equally devastating and endearing to read, and the interview with CPO Parton, Endal's owner, was honest and forthcoming.
I also particularly enjoyed the story of Roselle, the seeing-eye dog who guided her owner out of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11. Michael Hingson was on the 78th floor of the North Tower when Flight 11 crashed into it. Roselle calmly guided Hingson and his companion through an evacuation of the building. It took nearly an hour for the three of them to climb down the stairs along with many injured survivors, and the tower collapsed moments after they were clear of the building. Hingson credits Roselle with saving his life, and the story he tells of the events of the attack shows how dogs can bring out the best in people, even in the midst of tragedy.
From daring rescue attempts to simple acts of kindness, "Man’s Best Friends" celebrates and reaffirms the unbreakable bond between Man and his Best Friend through these remarkably told and beautifully moving stories. This book is perfect for animal lovers of all kinds, but particularly the men and women who serve our country and understand the sacrifice necessary to be considered heroic.
"Man's Best Friends" is available on Amazon (paperback and Kindle), at Barnes and Noble (paperback and NOOK), and on Visit to see Overamstel Publisher's other titles.

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