A Flowershop in Baghdad

Major Mike Banzet was sent to Iraq in 2007-2008 as part of the Coalition Air Force Transition Team (CAFTT). He was embedded with Senior Iraqis, all of whom had been engaged in active combat with the United States and her allies for over a decade.

This is the story of a side of the Iraq War that has not been told. How these Iraqis viewed American fighting men and women - how the youngest Private, Seaman or Airman is a better emissary of the greatness of the United States than any ambassador or politician.
He was so affected by this surprising respect and admiration from the Iraqis for the people the media claimed were oppressing them, that he ended up writing a book called "A Flowershop in Baghdad" about his experiences, which later won a national award.

You will laugh, and you will cry.
You will come away humbled by the heart of this great nation, and her warriors.

It is essential reading for anyone who served in the Middle East, or someone who loved someone who served in the Middle East, or more importantly, someone who lost someone in the Middle East.

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