N is for Never Forget

The children’s book N is for Never Forget, by award-winning children’s book author Nancy Polette, is now available for ordering. It was written in partnership with the Jefferson Barracks POW-MIA Museum and is the first (we believe) child friendly book about the POW-MIA experience. We think it will be educational for both child and parent. Something to be read together.

Only the proceeds from books ordered through the Jefferson Barracks POW-MIA Museum will go to the Museum. We have no way at this time to order and pay for the book online so we have to do it the old fashioned way by printing out the order form, completing the form, and sending it via US Mail to the Museum’s post office box located in St. Charles, MO (complete mailing address is on the form). You may request the form by emailing Ray Ruetsch at ruetschray@aol.com or Paul Dillon at rpdclw@sbcglobal.net. Cost is $16.95 plus $5 shipping. It may also be ordered at amazon.com but the museum receives no money from that order.

Some links about the book are provided below.

Book page: http://elvaresa.com/book/never-forget/
Press release: http://elvaresa.com/never-forget-release-dec2017/
Book flyer: http://elvaresa.com/pdfs/N-Is-For-Never-Forget_Flyer.pdf
Reviews: http://elvaresa.com/book/never-forget/never-forget-reviews/
Website: http://nisforneverforget.com/
Online store: https://militaryfamilybooks.com/products/n-is-for-never-forget-by-nancy-...

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