Nothing is more stimulating to humans than the prospect of peace!

Imagine, YOU learning how to create world peace.

Imagine, YOU helping to make it happen.

Imagine, YOU experiencing it.

Quit wishing and waiting for world peace and make it happen instead.  Read ICURY [ick-uh-ree] and learn step-by-step exactly how to do just that.  Imagine how you’ll feel knowing you helped create world peace.

There are many reasons why world peace has not happened. ICURY shows you why and how world peace will happen.  What has been done for thousands of years has not and is not working.  What is needed is not a change in circumstance but rather a change in consciousness.
ICURY shows you the way.  You’ll learn:

* How to consciously create a shift in your mind.
* How wondrously magnificent your body is and how it works in harmony with your soul.
* How your soul sends you messages about your life plan.
* How your body, mind and soul work in harmony, unity and oneness to create, making you a creation machine.
* How you can consciously increase the love, joy, peace, harmony, unity and oneness in your life.
* How you can feel better every day for the rest of your life.

There is no desire that anyone holds for any other reason than that they believe they will feel better in the achievement of it.  Put into practice what you learn as you read ICURY and I guarantee you will feel better.  Join the cause of creating world peace.  Become a part of the biggest consciousness shift the human race has ever experienced.  Imagine how your children and grandchildren will feel knowing you were a part of making world peace happen.  Imagine how you will feel watching them experience that.

In ICURY, you will learn how we will experience world peace soon, and how you will become an instrument of peace to help make that happen. You will learn to understand your soul, and how you can work with your soul harmoniously. You will learn to know your mind, not just what's in it. You will learn just how wondrously magnificent your body really is. You will learn how you can use your soul, mind and body to create the life you've only dreamt of. You will learn, step by step, how to consciously create a better life for yourself.

ICURY is available at the Amazon bookstore:

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