Spirit of Philadelphia: A 100th Anniversary of WWI Story

SPIRIT OF PHILADELPHIA: A story of resilience and honor spanning Pennsylvania & Europe that helps readers to understand people. One, if not the only, historical fictions published for the 100th Anniversary of the U.S. in WWI.

A window into America’s earlier culture, with vivid characters (including Army Ambulance Corps enlistees) -- especially a youth (too young to enter military) who wants employment. Some characters work at the world’s largest ship building site -- Hog Island (now Phila. Airport). There's love, family, and heritage. So if one's open to the wisdom of “elders” shared with heart and humor, then one is apt to benefit from, and enjoy this book. (Includes a reference area in the back.)

FOCUS & FORMATS: Fiction -- Historical, Cultural, Family Saga, American Military (especially WWI), *Local (PA), Inspirational, Literary. E-Book: Available on Kindle, Nook & iTunes. Paperback: At many locations in 12-pt. (eye-friendlier than many book fonts); Espresso Book Machines offer print books too. Online at Amazon (with reviews), Barnes and Noble, and other venues.

EXTRAS: National Archive images; end of book notes for history lovers. Keep to reread all, or a few Americana chapters, and to enjoy and have for reference.

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