Captured, Not Conquered: American POWs in the First World War

A new work examining American prisoners of war (POWs) in World War I has been released by E&H Publishing Company in time for centenary observances. Entitled 'Captured, Not Conquered: The American POW Experience in the First World War' was researched and written by former Department of Virginia, Leon A. Harper (Crewe) American Legion Post #50 Commander and retired Air Force Colonel Greg Eanes, formerly an active duty expert on POW intelligence, operations and training and now a Wilson Fellow and Visiting Lecturer on National Intelligence at Hampden-Sydney College, Va.

Captured, Not Conquered is a survey history and details the Imperial German Army’s treatment of Americans to include those U.S. volunteers captured while serving in French, Canadian and British uniform prior to the U.S. entry into that conflict. The author documents over 100 Great War escapes involving Americans. He examines German intelligence interrogation tactics, techniques and procedures and POW efforts to resist German exploitation. The work also addresses POW leadership and organization. Written for students, lay readers and military history aficionados, the 482-page work includes maps, photographs, tables and charts, notes, a detailed bibliography and index.

Eanes is eminently qualified to write such a history. He led the Iraq Survey Group Scott Speicher investigation in Iraq from 2003 to 2004, was the Evasion and Escape Intelligence Officer for Special Operations Command-Central in DESERT STORM and brings forth many years of professional expertise in the field of POW/MIA intelligence, operations and training. He provides context to the American Great War POW experience highlighting many lessons still valuable to U.S. fighting forces.

Early reviews of the work have already resulted in praise from World War I experts. Historian and author Edward G. Lengel said Eanes “is to be commended for writing a book that is long overdue…and for doing it so well. Meticulously researched but also eminently readable, Captured, Not Conquered reveals the true and hitherto unjustly forgotten story of the American POW in World War I.”

World War I Historian and author Stephen L. Harris said, “I believe this to be an extraordinary book.”

Hampden-Sydney College’s Dr. Guy Burnett said, “This book…should be placed among the most important studies of prisoners of war, the American military and World War I.”

The work retails for $19.95 and is available through local or online bookstores. Bulk purchases may be ordered directly from E&H Publishing Company.

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