Keeping The Faith.....

Members of our Legion Post have been meeting in local diners for breakfast once a month for some time now. The group consists of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine veterans that served from WWII through Vietnam. Our military-themed apparel identifies us as former servicemen. Invariably, patrons have approached our table and thanked us for our service. We’d shake hands, exchange pleasantries and invite them to join us. Surprisingly, for the past five months, we were told by our servers that our check had been taken care of. Even more surprising, each had been paid anonymously. The “free” meal is not of importance here. Thanking those of us who served, although much appreciated, isn’t the great takeaway either. The true gift is knowing that despite the divisiveness, mass killings and hatred making today’s headlines, common decency and respect is alive and well in our town, even if only at one table, in a small diner, once a month. Perhaps more stories that speak to the goodness of the human condition will emerge, however small. Our grandchildren deserve to see them, as they would provide a much-needed counterpoint to the fractured society they are exposed to every day.

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