The Soldier's Note

A Vietnam soldier by the name of David Lawson, from West Helena, Ark,. searched many years for his Army friend, Harvey Cooley from Memphis, Tenn.
David did not learn of Harvey's death until several decades later. His search eventually led him to Harvey's family and, sadly, to Harvey's gravesite.
David never gave up the search to find Harvey. They had made a promise during the Vietnam War, while in Basic, to meet after they got out of the service. Harvey wrote a small note as a reminder to each about the meeting.
David still has the note from Harvey, even after all these years.
Their promise was finally kept when David, along with Harvey's brother, Bob, was able to meet Harvey at his grave near Fulton, Ky.
Harvey and David had only known each other for 7 weeks during basic training at Fort Polk, La. But they became very close friends.
Harvey Lynn Cooley Sr. was only 19 when he was killed in Vietnam on May 6, 1968. He left behind a 6-month-old son who joined the Army at 17 years old himself.

Harvey was an Army combat medic with Delta Company, 4/12th, 199th Light Infantry Brigade.

Harvey has been included in two books:
"All They Left Behind" by Lisa Lark
"Days Of Valor" by Robert Tonsetic

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