The Final Battle - An Untold Story of WWII's Forty-Second Rainbow Division

There is a brand new book out which tells the untold story of the Forty-Second Rainbow Division, who fought the SS, Volksstrum and Hitler Youth fiercely and sometimes hand-to-hand in the waning days of the war in Europe, and then liberated the concentration camp Dachau. The book uncovers parts of WWII history which some thought were lost forever, and uncovers other parts which will surprise many. For example, who really was the first to take Hitler’s mountain retreat called the Eagle’s Nest?
The book is titled, “The Final Battle: An Untold Story of World War II's Forty-Second Rainbow Division.”
Unfortunately, the Rainbow Division’s service has been an untold footnote in the history books. However, what was remarkable about their obscurity had nothing to do with an unremarkable service record. In fact, the division engaged in fierce and unrelenting combat on par with the well-documented history of the 101st Screaming Eagles.
If you want to learn about some truly unsung American heroes who never sought or wanted the limelight, this is the book for you.
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Ten years of research and writing went into the book, which became a labor of love. The author is the son of the protagonist who truly believes the way to honor these brave men was to tell their story.
The book can be purchased at many places, but the easiest is at Amazon. The reviews being left by verified purchasers of the book are outstanding and all with five stars, containing comments like “highly recommended,” “well written,” “meticulously researched,” “taught me things about WWII I never knew,” and “a must read.”
The book is written in the first-person style like "Flags of Our Fathers," and follows the story of a young 18 year old boy (the protagonist) who joined the Army after high school and became a replacement “745“ infantry rifleman assigned to the Rainbow Division. However, it also encompasses the overall tactics and campaigns of the division, while in addition providing individual accounts. Further, the book provides the overall historical perspective and context.
An added feature is that the book provides a perspective from the German side. This is especially poignant since the protagonist was fighting against family who were in the German army, the Hitler Youth and a highly placed member in the Nazi Party.
I hope you agree that this untold story needs to be read in order to honor these true American heroes.

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